Chisholm Beautification
  2011 Projects

1. Replacement of three Amur Maple
trees on Lake Street  with the help of the
City crew.
In 2008 ten trees were planted through our "Adopt a Tree" Program,
three of which needed to be replaced this year.

2.  "Kinda-Extreme Make-over"
5th house to be painted with Valspar Paint Grant
Below are pictures of the house being painted on June 4, by the generous volunteers that came to work.  Thank you to all who gave of your time and talent!
3.  Paint the concrete enclosure at
the base of the Iron Man Memorial.
See the photos below of the newly painted concrete enclosure.

4.  ROW, Restore our Wall Phase III
Restoration of the wall beneath the water tower which is at the
entrance to Lake Street.
ROW, Restore our Wall Phase III
See photos below.
5.   Store Front Displays
We are continuing to seek permission to promote various 
displays of  local interest in several vacant buildings on 
Lake Street.
6.  BYOB ~ Bring Your Own Brooms
Sweeping the dirt off of the sidewalks on Lake Street.
7.  "Sprucing up the Town"
City Litter Pick-Up

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Fifty (50) people were involved in cleaning the lake walk, city parks, entrances
to town, Iron Man Memorial and other key areas.  Volunteers included all age 
groups including members of the Chisholm Beautification Association.

The event was hosted by the Youth Center & Chisholm Parks and Recreation 
Director, Tammy Nevalainen.
8.  Ten tree guards on Lake Street were
sandblasted, primed and painted.