Chisholm Beautification
2012 Projects

1.  Memorial Park Entrance Garden 

adopted by CBA members:  Florine Luther, chair,Tracy Campbell and 

Cena Stokes

"Weeding, watering, and trimming" the perennials to help
keep our community beautiful.

                                                     Tracy, Florine, Cena

2.  Iron Man Memorial
CBA volunteers Ed Waters and 
Rick Allison will paint the 8 steel 
covers that protect the upward light
 beams that illuminate the Iron Man statue.

Photos below show the freshly painted light covers and the two gentlemen, 
Ed and Rick, who gave of their time and talents to complete this project.
3.  "Kinda Extreme Make-Over #6 and #7
Two houses will be painted pending receiving a grant from Valspar/Northland Foundation for their Minnesota Beautiful Program

Below are photos of the Hill house being painted, and the beautiful
results.  Thanks to the large number of talented and caring 
volunteers that helped that day.  (see YouTube video below slideshow)

Pictures below show the volunteers from Chisholm Baptist Church
 who gave of their time to paint the Johnson house.  
Great job, team!
4.  Lights at Memorial Park

Tom Johnson of Tromco Electric volunteered to check out the electrical 
service to the four lamps on the pillars at the entrance.  Fixtures will be
 updated and replaced.

Below is a slideshow of the work in progress and the completion of the
installation of the new lights at the Memorial Park Entrance.
5.  Flower Baskets on Lake Street
The CBA will water plants on Saturdays during the summer months.
Photos below show Rick Allison (left) and Dave Pessenda (right) 
watering the flowers on Lake Street on a bright sunny Saturday
in Chisholm.  Good job, guys!

6.  Yard Recognition
Awards will be presented in August, recognizing well kept, 
beautiful yards.

See slideshow below for the pictures 
the winning yards.
Christmas Lighting Promotion

Winners received Gift Certificates from:  Jubilee, Casey Drugs, Jim's 

Sportsbar & Grill, Sidelines, Iron Kettle, and art work from Daniel Connor.

                              Mike Laurich Rick & Diane Oman

                              Arlene Rogers       Sergio Rivera

                              Nick Maki         Lolly Nolan