Chisholm Beautification
2013 Projects
1.  "Kinda Extreme Makeover"   #8
This house will be painted early June, pending a grant from Valspar/Northland Foundation's MN Beautiful Program. 
Note:  The painting was delayed due to rain and will be painted September 21.

 "Kinda Extreme Makeover" #8 Completed
The day finally arrived with cool temperatures, beautiful blue sunny sky and several ambitious volunteers!  The house was painted in record time and the painting of the garage and clothesline poles were an additional surprise to the owner of this house.  Thank you to all who came out and gave their best to make this project a success.  

Ed Waters and Jeff Arola went back & painted garage #2. That was really

beyond "duty"....such good guys!


Special thanks to Ed Waters for all of the extra time and effort that he 
put in to make this project more than just successful.
2.  Veteran's Memorial  (Click on each image to enlarge  it)
Located near Minnesota Discovery Center, one anchor and six projectiles have been acquired from the Navy.  In cooperation with the American Legion, the CBA will help paint the new acquisitions.  The base of the chopper will also be painted.

Below are photos of the volunteers who completed this project by painting the items listed above.
3.  Fire Hydrants

Sixty-five (65) hydrants will be painted 

on the South side of Chisholm.





Slideshow below shows volunteers hard 

at work painting their assigned hydrants.

Good job, crew!   

Photo #10 shows what condition some of 

the hydrants were in before scraping and repainting.

4.  Watering Flowers

CBA volunteers will continue to water the hanging baskets on Lake Street 
every Saturday during the summer months.
5.  Adopted Areas (on-going projects)
Landscaped area around light boxes at Iron Man Memorial (above)

Small garden at the Memorial Park Entrance (below)
6. 2nd Annual Yard Recognition Contest
First Place winning garden in 2012
Winners Announced for 2013!

The C.B.A. has selected the following as winners in its second annual beautiful 
yard contest. 
Large yards:  First Place - Brenda McPeak; Second Place - Rosetta Rynes; 
Third Place - Mike Lesch.
Small yards:  First Place - Susan Wheelecor; 
Second Place - Denny and Lori Ryan; 
Third Place - Robert Greskowiak; Honorable Mention:  Gene Scaia and Irene Brajkovich.

Congratulations to all of our winners!  Thank you for your contribution 
to making Chisholm a beautiful place to live.

Thank you to Ed Waters who painted the letters to the sign at the 
entrance to Chisholm.