Chisholm Beautification

     2016 Projects
#1  Watering Flowers on Saturdays

Members of the CBA take turns watering the hanging flower baskets on
Chisholm's Main Street during the summer months.  Below are photos
taken this year of some of those faithful members. (Rick Allison, Ed Simons, Ed Waters)
#2  Clean-up of Veda Ponikvar Boulevard and Iron Man Memorial
Pictures below show the condition of the grounds around the Iron Man Memorial. City crews will help remove overgrown plants and the area will be filled in with sod. 
Improvements made on Veda Ponikvar Boulevard and Iron Man Memorial
After the City of Chisholm tore out the overgrown area and planted sod, 
5 volunteers cleaned up the grounds and shaped the 2 remaining pine trees.  

Thanks to Carol Borich, John & Kathy Bovitz, and Ron & Carole Gornick for the many
hours and hard work that was put into making this area look beautiful again! 

See photos below which show the progress and the finished product.
#3  E. J. Longyear Drilling Company Memorial
This memorial which is located on the east side of Longyear Lake, was dedicated to E. J. Longyear in 1972. 

He was responsible for drilling the first diamond drill test hole near Hoyt Lakes, then proceeded across the Iron Range where Iron Ore was discovered at the Pillsbury site.  He platted our town! 

The photos below show the tripod drill replica, as the original has deteriorated and is not moveable or worth saving.  The shovel bucket will be relocated to the Museum of Mining where it will be refurbished and displayed.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Picnic tables are already established at this wayside rest.

#3  Tripod Drill Replica Removed

View of the area after the drill replica was removed.
#4  5th Annual Yard Recognition
 Nominations will  be accepted from the general public for beautiful yards in the Chisholm and Balkan areas, until July 6.   Small Yards and Large Yards, which have been beautifully groomed and cared for are eligible for this contest whether or not there are flower gardens.

Send your nomination of your yard or anyone else's that meet these requirements to CBA, 223 West Lake Street,  or email the person's name and address with a brief description to:  

Judging will take place during the week of July 18th and the winning yards will be published.  
Yard Winners
The winners of the 5th Annual Yard Recognition are as follows:  

Large Yards:  1st Place - Bill & Kay Waite
        2nd Place - Craig & Kim Gierman
                        3rd Place - Geof & Brenda McPeak
        4th Place - Tony Kukowski
        Honorable Mention - Serenity Klaysmat

Small Yards:  1st Place - Dennis & Lori Ryan
                       2nd Place - Sue Wheelecor
                       3rd Place - Rose Sterle
                       4th Place - Richelle Irish & Kurt Kleist

Congratulations to all of the winners! See the photos below of some of these yards.

#5  Bruce Mine Headframe (1926)
The CBA and the City of Chisholm are pursuing the parcel of property near the Bruce Mine Headframe.  CBA has had the area surveyed by JPJ Engineering.  CBA has embarked on this project to preserve this piece of history. 

Plans are to construct a road, parking lot and walking path to the site.  Historical markers will also be placed at the site.