Chisholm Beautification


 Memorial Park Restoration

This stone monument, we believe, is one of its kind and perhaps, cannot be matched by any city our size in the country.  It is surely a reminder of the way our forefathers put their brains and brawn together to accomplish their dreams.  The wall was built in the 1930's and encompasses approximately 52 acres.  The walls are 10 feet high, 4 feet thick and end to end would be about one mile in length.  Seventy-five years of weathering have cause cracks and gouges in this grand stone wall.  Attempts have been made to patch and repair, but it is a huge task.  The north portion of the wall is in fair shape, the south wall is in terrible condition and we have already lost a portion of the west wall.  We refer to the stone wall as the "Great Wall of the North" to emphasize and highlight the importance and historical significance. 
Stone Wall Restoration Completed!
Football Stadium,
Baseball Stadium,
and wall under the Water Tower

Eighty years ago, the Great Depression gripped our nation.  To put people to work and inject financial stimulus through labor and materials, the government enabled a WPA work program.  In Chisholm, our project became the Memorial Park complex.  Memorial Park houses a football field, baseball fields, curling club, Bocceball courts, tennis courts, amphitheater, multi purpose arena, Museum of Mining, National Guard Armory and a very unique stone field house all encompassed by a mile long rock wall. It is within this complex the Chisholm Beautification Association has been working to restore.
Over the years, parts of the wall have been lost and much is in disrepair and in desperate need of restoration.  In some cases, there are potential safety issues.
The CBA is grateful for the many donations received from interested residents, past and present,  grants from the Chisholm Community Foundation and a grant from the Iron Range Resources that enabled us to accomplish the following:
Phase I…..Restoration of the football                     stadium wall.
Phase II…..Restoration of the baseball                    stadium wall.
Phase III…The stone wall located in front of       the water tower was restored in 2011.
Before and after photos are shown in the following slide shows.

Slide show below shows the condition of the rock wall
around the Baseball Stadium.
Photo below shows the completed Baseball Stadium wall.

Photos below show the progression of the wall
under the water tower.

"Snowflakes melt alone -
but together they can be traffic stoppers!"