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"Without community service, we would not have a strong quality
of life. 
It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient.
It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop."

Dr. Dorothy I. Height
Our Town...Chisholm
                  Scenes of Chisholm from long ago.
                 Photos Submitted by R. Pederson, 
                     son of Ella Phillips Pederson
The Bruce Mine Headframe is the last standing headframe from the earliest
period of underground mining on the Mesabi Range.  Located next to Highway 
169 near the east entrance to Chisholm, the headfrome was constructed in 
1926 by International Harvester Company.  The steel structure held the
sheave wheels for cables that lowered and raised the cages and skips from the 
underground mining operation taking place far  below the surface.

At one time, ore was raised to the surface here and loaded onto tram cars on
an oval track that ran beneathe the  frame.  From there, it was either 
stockpiled or processed and shipped by rail to waiting ore carrier ships on
Lake Superior.

The Bruce Mine Headframe was once part of a complete mining complex 
including a dry house, engine house, sintering plant and 12 two-story frame 
houses with fireplaces for worers.  All grounds were seeded , and streets 
and alleys were graded, giving the area the complete appearance of a typical
"mining town" of the 1930s.

The headframe itself is typical of the many seen on the Mesabi Range prior 
to 1940.  One of only three remaining in the state, the Bruce Mine Headframe
is listed in the National Register of Historic Sites.

Have you ever seen the plaques below?
They can both be seen on the Memorial Park Entrance.

Stop and take a look!

Iron Man ~
Fun facts about the big guy:
1. The Iron Man Statue, including the base is 81 feet high
2. The base is constructed of Corten Steel that turns red with exposure and 
weighs 150 tons.
3. Iron Man's shovel weighs 400 pounds, and each of his boots weigh 220 pounds.
4. The Iron Man was created by sculptor, Jack Anderson of Lake Linden, Michigan, 
and is constructed of copper, bronze and brass sheathing over a welded angle iron
 and stainless steel body.

The statue, which marks the west entrance to Chisholm, is the third-largest 
freestanding statue in the nation, coming in behind the Statue of Liberty and 
the Arch of St. Louis.

Scenes from Chisholm

Photos by Kitty Bishop

Memorial Park

Entrance to Memorial Park
Field House (Original Structure)
Tennis Courts and our "Grand Old Wall"

Below are photos taken of Our Town,
 by the late Bill Carlson of Chisholm.

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