Chisholm Beautification


 Past Projects

In 2005, a group of citizens of Chisholm met to create a 501 (c)(3) non-profit 
organization called Chisholm Beautification Association.  Everyone deserves to
live in a community environment that is healthy, clean and beautiful, and we all
have a role to play in achieving this goal.  Below are photos of the projects that 
have been completed in the years 2006-2009.  Please take time to look at them 
and get inspired to be a part of helping with new projects in the future!
2009 Projects
  • Chisholm Mural
  • Painted Longyear Lake Walk Park Benches
  • Painted Bocce Ball Court Doors
  • Painted the new "Field of Dreams" Baseball Dugouts
  • Added Main Street Banners
  • Longyear Lake Walk Signage
  • New Boat Landing on Longyear Lake
  • ROW (Restore Our Wall) Phase 1:  Restoration of the Football Field Wall
  • Painted a House
Two signs were erected~one on the north loop and one on the south loop.
20 Park Benches Restored
2008 Projects
  • Blatnik Memorial Restoration
  • Main Street Banners
  •  Sign Project Continuation
  • Adopt a Tree Program
  • Purchased Tree Guards
  • Painted a House
2007 Projects
  • Painted City Hall Factory Addition
  • Painted "The Skating Shack"
  • Painted a House
  • City-wide Signage Program
City Hall Addition (Factory Building)
Factory Building ...  After
The Skating Shack...before
               Two hardworking volunteers.
...and after!

Below are pictures of the amazing work that was done on the inside 
of The Skating Shack by enthusiastic volunteers.
  CBA's "Kinda Extreme Make-over"... before
Preparing lunch for the volunteers ... Fraboni's and Sunrise Bakery 
provided food; Starkovich Distributing donated beverages.
Make-over complete!

"The heart  of a volunteer is not measured in size, 
but by the depth of the commitment to make a 
difference in the lives of others."
                                                                              DeAnn Hollis

2006 Projects
  • Exterior Painting and New Graphics on the Curling Club
  • "CityWide, City Pride" Community Clean-up
Before exterior facelift.
The south wall of the Chisholm Curling Club was transformed to
recreate the curling rink at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turino, 
Italy, where the USA Olympic Team, including Chisholm Curlers, John Shuster 
and Shawn Rojeski won the Olympic Bronze Medal.  The white building serves 
as the sheet of ice, the yellow circles represent the rocks thrown by Great Britain, 
and the blue circle represents the rock thrown by Team USA to win the bronze 
Thank you to our Curling Club Volunteer Painters
   "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success." ~ Author Unknown

"City Wide, City Pride" ....
Our Community Clean-up Project
The citizens of Chisholm took advantage of the opportunity to dispose 
of unwanted items and clean up their property in the "City wide, 
City Pride" campaign.  During  Phase One of the project, volunteers
hauled items from locations left on curb sides, making eleven (11) 
trips to the St. Louis County Solid Waste Transfer Station in Hibbing 
on a 20 foot trailer.  Volunteers hauled away 200 appliances, 
220 batteries, and 240 tires.  City crews were busy hauling away 
unwanted items from curb sides.  Assistance was offered to anyone
needing help. 

There was a collection site at the City Garage for hazardous waste.  
The items collected included:  130 gallons of oil based paint, 205 
gallons of latex paint, 55 gallons of aerosols, 35 gallons of flammable liquids, 165 gallons of flammable solids, 12 gallons of acids, 15 gallons
 of cleaners, and over 1,000 fluorescent lights collected from local homeowners
and businesses. 

Phase Two allowed for self-delivery of non-electric demolition 
material to the city garage which would include old lumber, bricks, 
doors, furniture, etc.

"Citizen service is the very American idea that we meet our 
challenges  not as isolated individuals but as members of a true 
community, with all of us working together.  Our mission is 
nothing  less than to spark a renewed sense of obligation, a new 
sense of duty, a new season of service."  Bill Clinton